Sunday, April 10, 2011

Baseball Season

This time of year Nathan and I lose daddy to the baseball season.  As I may have mentioned before, Dave is the head groundskeeper for a minor league baseball team, so we rarely see him 5 months of the year, unless we make the trip to the game, and let me tell you, with a toddler that will not happen very often!

But today we made the trip to the stadium to cheer on the home team!  Who won you ask?  I have no idea because I spent more time chasing after said toddler instead of watching the game. I will have to ask my husband when he gets home!

But here are two pictures of the occasion!  As you can see in both  pictures Nate has no interest in his parents...

Also what you can see in these pictures are both mommy and daddy each 22 lbs lighter!  Yay team!

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