Monday, April 25, 2011

Whatever happens is ok!

Wow...this has been a busy week.  I wanted to post more but just did not have enough time!  I hope to be on a bit more soon but with the holiday this week and daycare being closed a couple days I was working an odd schedule giving me little time do do even my schoolwork!  Hopefully things will calm down now and I can do some posting about stuff besides my weight loss!  But because today is McFatty Monday, and I made a promise to myself to keep posting until I reach my goal, you can be sure I will keep up with this!

Just as it was hard this week to keep up with everything else in my life, it was just as hard to keep up with my plan.  I made sure to run every other day to keep up with my 5k training, and I did well for most meals, but some days I just did what I wanted.  This is what happened yesterday!

At one point this week I was down to 174.8 and I was so excited, but knew it would not last to today.  And I was right!  I am ok with it because I had a great Easter meal that was totally worth it!  We went to an Easter barbecue that had steamed crabs, burgers, hot dogs, and all the good sides.  Like I said I was mostly good all week, and I ran 3.34 miles yesterday morning so I felt ok about it!  But because of it I had to accept a way lower weight loss number this week.  It is ok because I will come back strong next week!

Starting weight: 200.8 lbs
Last week: 176.0 lbs
This week: 175.4 lbs
Loss (gain) this week: -0.6 lbs
Total loss: 25.2 lbs

I will take 0.6!  I think we all have to realize that not every week is going to be a big one and that is ok!  I think I am starting to see an ok theme today!

On a side but completely related note I am only 12 days away from my first 5k!  I have been training hard and I am feeling really great.  I have increased my speed and distance since completing the Couch to 5k so I really think I am going to do well!  Yesterday I did my own 5k around my town and managed to finish in 34 1/2 minutes!  My goal for the race was under 40 minutes and to run the whole time and I am fairly certain that will happen.  I have about 5 more runs to get in before the race so I can get my endurance up.  I am so excited to race and plan on signing up for many more after this one!

If you are looking for a plan to help you jump start your exercise I feel that the c25k is the plan.  I was not a runner at all, but after I started week 1 day 1 I needed to keep going.  Now I love to run (maybe not the last 1 km) and get angry if I can't find time to do it.  I am seriously considering picking up one of those jogging strollers so I can get out on the weekends with Nate.  I think he would love it!

I hope everyone is doing well on their journeys!  I love to read them each week!  Have a great McFatty Monday!

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