Sunday, April 17, 2011

March for Babies 2011

Today was the March for Babies walk and it was a great success for Team Super Nate!  While we did not raise as much as we did last year, we were still able to bring in $700!  I think this is very good for our 6 person team!  It was a beautiful day outside with bright skies and a great breeze.  It felt great walking 5 miles!

The only problem was my poor Nate came home with a sunburn on his face!  Mommy fail.  Or should I say mommy/daddy/mom mom/aunt/uncle fail because we all forgot about sunblock.  We are asses.  The good thing is Nate is fine and doesn't even notice it...we just feel terrible because it is so noticeable!  Oh happens and we learn from it!

Here are some pictures from the beautiful event with an amazing turn out!

Nate getting ready for the walk
 All ready in our team shirts!
 Mom Mom and Nate Nate
Nate starting off his march
 Playing with his aunt Abbey
 Hanging at the picnic table with daddy
 Team Super Nate...minus me
 Crossing the finish line!
 Our happy little family!

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  1. Those are great pictures!! Thank you for sharing. March for Babies is an excellent event.