Monday, April 4, 2011


For the first time in my weight loss journey I have hit the dreaded plateau.  The week that I hit said plateau I usually quit.  I trick myself by saying I am comfortable at this weight, my body doesn't want me to go lower so I will stop now.  It is a mean trick.  Even though I have told myself this in the past I need to make sure I don't today.

Although I think I look good right now, I am still not comfortable at this weight.  20 lbs lost is amazing, hell...if you count baby weight I have lost 34 lbs in the past 1 1/2 years!  While it is an amazing accomplishment, I am still not comfortable.  I want to see the 170's again, and not just the high numbers, I want to see 170 itself!  And then I want to see 160.

I was comfortable at 160.  Maybe a little too comfortable because I then stopped the plan and put on the weight.  I will say after I reached 160 the last time I then picked up and moved 3 hours from home and had to cook for myself again, and was working crazy hours, so that didn't help.

To my benefit, this time I did it.  I have done it with normal food that I make, I have added the work out plan each week, and now I am in a set schedule.  I just need to figure out what that next change will be to go the next 20 lbs.  I am going to try to adjust my meals a little bit more, I am trying to have one less lunch snack and work a little bit harder while training.  We will see where that takes me.

This week is my final week of Couch to 5k...yay me!  I am so excited to reach then end of something!  I feel like it will be the first time I followed through with something...I never follow through.  After the program ends next Monday I will keep up doing week 9 for the next three weeks preparing for my 5k...then I need a new plan to start!  I will keep running, because I feel like that has done the most for me...I just need to figure out if I want to work on speed or distance or both!

I just need to get off this plateau!  So this week I will work hard and hopefully see a change!

Stats from pas two weeks:

Last weeks numbers:
Starting weight: 200.8 lbs
Two weeks ago: 183 lbs (for the 2nd week in a row)
Total loss: 17.8 lbs

This weeks numbers:
Starting weight: 200.8 lbs
Last week: 183 lbs
This week: 180.8 lbs
Loss (gain) this week: -2.2 lbs (but not really because I was re-losing what I was at Thursday a week and a half ago!)
Total loss: 20 lbs

So now I am done re-losing what I have for the past week and a half.  It is time to move forward.

Goals for this week:
  1. Finish Couch to 5k by next Monday afternoon.
  2. Majorly increase water intake.
  3. Research and choose new running plan.
  4. See the 170's by next week!
Well...that is it!  I hope everyone is doing better than I did last week!  Here is to the future weight losses!


  1. I'm there with you girl I have hit a plateau as well for the past few weeks at the moment I am stuck at 181 a loss of 21 lbs but I have almost given up. I am so close to giving up, and trying hard not to. Good luck, maybe we can kick this pateau in the rear together!

  2. Don't give up! We can do this...just keep pushing!