Saturday, April 2, 2011

I am still here!

Yes I know I have been absent all week!  I am sorry, I am crazy busy with all that has been going on!  Between starting the new/old job, taking care of the boy, niece's 2nd birthday party, ending one class/starting new class, Couch to 5k training...something had to suffer.  And this week it was the blog to suffer! 

But today I wanted to check in, tell you I am still here...still trying to lose what I gained last weekend.  As of this morning I was 0.2 away from being back...then we went to Red Lobster hopefully I didn't eff up too much.  Tomorrow I will be good and I have a run scheduled so it should be ok (week 8 day 3!)...but I am pretty certain I will not make it to the 170's by Monday!  I will we will see!

In other news...Dave came downstairs this morning,with no shirt on, big smile and said "guess what!  I have lost 21.8 lbs so I am winning!" 


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