Sunday, February 13, 2011


Today I did day one week one of the Couch to 5k program.  Boy does my body feel like jello!  But in a great way!  I was surprised I didn't keel over and hyperventilate as I was doing it from the lack of running skills and cold air.  I do need to invest in a pair of ear warmers or something because that started to hurt after awhile. 

It was a bit of a pain trying to keep time and listen to my music while running, but I did it!  I know there are podcasts of the program, but I need to find one that has music I like. 

I hope to keep this up 3 days a week, but we will see.  I told Dave I wanted to run a 5k in September and he was all for it.  Everyone else I told decided to bring me down by telling me how bad running was for my feet, knees, and legs.  I understand that...but it is better than sitting around!  I want to accomplish something, and I am totally into getting a finishers ribbon (I know I am lame)! 

So wish me luck on ANOTHER new journey.  But this journey I can connect to my weight loss journey so it doesn't add too much!  So how are everyone else's workouts going?

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