Thursday, February 24, 2011

Well I stepped up...

I decided since I have been keeping up with my three runs a week I would step up and join a gym!  I found a nice place two minutes from work so I can go during the day!  I was beginning to realize Dave's workload was increasing leading up to the baseball season (he is a groundskeeper), and my evening runs are getting pushed later.

After a conversation with the maintenance man at work I realized that I can go at lunch, eat at my desk when I get back (I work in an office alone), and just be smelly for the day.  Most of my residents don't shower for days at a time, so they will not know if it is me or them!

So starting tomorrow I will be going to the gym!  I did a three month membership just so if I don't go I am not held to a year!  It was only $4.00 more a month so totally worth it!  I am very excited!

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