Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rental court

One of the great duties I have as a property manager is going to rental court.  I spend two hours a month sitting in a court room wishing my property to be called to sit in front of a judge and tell him how many of my residents don't pay rent.  Lucky for me I usually only have about five, most of which pay it before court even happens.

I love those two hours because I get to learn a lot about the population I am surrounded by.  After going to court monthly for the past five years you tend to see the same people and then wonder...what the heck is their problem?  It is literally the same people every month!  Why are they still being rented to?

I also love eavesdropping on the conversations going on from the tenants sitting around me.  You will usually hear something like "I ain't paying nothing to that lady!"  "I am going to give them a piece of my mind!"  Then they get in front of the judge and you begin to realize that most of these people spend less time working to make money to pay the rent and spend more time watching Judge Judy by the way they want to fight the case!

Unfortunately for these people our judge is like a male version of Judge Judy and he will spend most of his time yelling at the people for wasting his time!  It is a great sight!

At least my residents are smart enough to not skip a day of work to come fight at court.  They try to make their payments and avoid it all together.  Most are too embarrassed to show up, I would be too! 

I was happy when I finished up and went back to work though.  No more court for another month!  I am free to get away from the crazies!  I get to my office and find 3 subpoenas for my property trespassers to go to court in a few weeks...I love court!


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