Monday, February 14, 2011

McFatty Monday-One month down!

Today is a great day.  Besides my child still being sick and a mess, my husband being angry because he is the one who needs to stay home with him from daycare, it is still a great day.  As you may remember on Tuesday I weighed myself again and I came in at 192.8 lbs, which was much better than the 194 from Monday.  I knew Monday would be off because of the weekend.  My body recovered and I got back to work!

Well this week I was very good.  I ate proper meals and snacks, even had the opportunity to eat out once where I had the chili and salad, good choices!  I allowed myself a red velvet cupcake on Saturday and Sunday because I made them for Dave for Valentines Day.  (Made with applesauce instead of oil and egg whites instead of eggs!  Yummy!)

I worked out on Saturday and Sunday, ok not the full three days I wanted, but I walked a lot on the property this week.  I started the Couch to 5k program and didn't pass out!

So like I said today is a great day and you know why?  Because I am officially down 10.4 lbs!!!  I woke up to the scale telling me this morning I am 190.4 lbs!  I am super excited!  My clothes fit better and I am officially down one pant size, from a 14 to a 12!

Here are the stats:
Starting weight: 200.8 lbs
Last week: 194 lbs
This week:190.4 lbs!!!
Loss (gain) this week: -3.6 lbs
Total loss: 10.4 lbs!!

This means I have officially reached my first goal!  When I get to work today I am going to call and schedule my spa pedicure!  And now I have 9.4 lbs to go until my massage!

10 lbs (1st goal) - spa pedicure (reached 2/14/2011)
20 lbs (2nd goal) - massage
30 lbs (3rd goal) - bathing suit and dress for a friend's wedding in Florida
40 lbs (Final goal) - I don't know yet!  It needs to be a good one!

Small goals for the week:
  1. Keep up the water intake at 45 to 60 oz a day. (I was floating last week!)
  2. Complete week one of Couch to 5k and start week two day one by Sunday.
  3. Keep eating well.
  4. Lose at least one lb this week.
I am really happy with how this process is going and I want to thank all of you that come to read my progress and BA or "Blair" over at The Heir to Blair for posting my link and reading each week! You all keep me from quitting, which is too easy!  Now on to the next 9.4 lbs...because I really want that massage!

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