Monday, January 31, 2011

Hoping to be McSkinny this year!

Another week another weigh in!  I am very happy how this week went and proud of my accomplishments!  Here are my stats:

Starting weight: 200.8 lbs
Last week: 197 lbs
This week:193.6 lbs!!
Loss this week: 3.4 lbs
Total loss: 7.2 lbs

I made sure this weekend to not eat out at all.  We ate out one time the entire week actually, and I tried to make a healthy choice so it didn't put me behind.  Of course my jerk of a husband comes downstairs on Saturday and tells me he lost 7.4 lbs...3 days before his weigh in!  I wish it was that easy for me!  But I know men lose it faster, I just need to keep up with it! 

I have decided to make goal rewards for myself to keep me motivated, because we all need a little motivation!  I currently have a $150 gift card to a spa that I am holding out on until I reach some of my goals!

10 lbs (1st goal) - spa pedicure
20 lbs (2nd goal) - massage
30 lbs (3rd goal) - bathing suit and dress for a friend's wedding in Florida
40 lbs (Final goal) - I don't know yet!  It needs to be a good one!

Goals for this week:
  1. Work out 3 to 4 days (last week I did yoga twice)
  2. Drink at least 40 to 60 oz of water per day
  3. Work out when I visit my parents house this weekend
  4. Not fall off the plan when I go to my parents house this coming weekend
  5. Do not gain!  I am okay with staying the same for a week...but do not gain!
So that was my week!  I have to say that I totally recommend the yoga!  It hurts like a bitch, but that is how I know it is working!  So I think I will do it again tonight!

How did everyone else's week go?  Post your results in the comments!


  1. Wow! You are doing great!! I started the first of the year at 145.5 lbs and my last weigh-in was 138.3 lbs. Woot. :)

  2. You're doing awesome!

    What yoga are you doing? Like...a video? I'd love a recommendation other than Jillian Michaels :)

  3. That is awesome Holly Ann!

    Thank you Blair! I did the 10 lb slim down Yoga on Comcast On Demand. If you don't have that I think the lady has DVD's. It kicked my ass!