Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2 am police call

Yep...that is what I received last night.  As a property manager I have to deal with a lot of stupid people.  In this case I have to deal with people that are not even my residents! 

A little back story.  There are two people that come to the property and break into our vacant units to stay because they are homeless.  In August of 2009 one was caught and arrested, and the terms of her release was she never come back to the property.  After about 8 months she started coming back. 

Her and her "boyfriend" decided this was the perfect property to run their "business."  If you can call selling your body a business.  I told them numerous times they were trespassing and every time I saw them after that I called the police until finally they were caught and arrested in September. 

After they were arrested all of the property vandalism and problems immediately stopped.  They were again released in December under the terms they do not come back to the property...we we tried this before and I knew it would not last long!

It took a total of one day for someone to come to my office to report they were coming after I left at night. 

Yesterday things came to a head.  My boss and I were walking the property and noticed one vacant unit had a broken window, and the one next door had the window cracked open.  It was not like this the day before so we call the Sheriff's Department, they come, and we all investigate. 

In the apartment were clothes, bedding, and the heat was blasting!  They made themselves a nice little home!  We decided to leave the apartments like we never noticed a problem and the deputies patrolled all night. 

Finally at 2 am I received a wonderful call from the Sheriff's department that a woman was caught!  She couldn't tell me the name but it was one woman.  Another deputy calls me an hour later...they must think everyone in town is awake at 3 am!  He tells me they caught a different lady then the people we reported!  We must house the homeless now.

So now we are on the lookout for these two people still breaking into apartments...I like to call them the barnacles at the bottom of a boat because they have attached themselves to our property.  I used to feel sorry for them, but after so many chances from the court system and they still come back I am ready to drop kick an ass soon! least we got one person.  Please tell me someone else has a job as annoying as mine??  I tried to quit yesterday but my manager wouldn't let me...oh the cruelty!

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