Wednesday, January 12, 2011

karma is a biotch...cont.

Poor D has had a rough week.  It was his night again last night and N got up at midnight and then refused to go back to sleep.  I decided to try and help and the kid was literally flailing his body around in my arms because he wanted down to play.  Of course I was ready to spit fire by this point so I put him in the crib and tried to pat his back so he would sleep.  It worked and he fell asleep. 

So I crawled back into bed.  15 minutes later we hear the cry again so I go back in, pat him to sleep and walk out.  Five minutes later the crying starts again!  So D takes him downstairs and they spend the rest of the evening having a boys only slumber party.  Poor D is getting the crap end of the stick!

On my nights he at least sleeps until 5:30 am!  So what do you think is happening?  Do you think D has fun parties in the living room on his nights and that is why N gets up?  I don't know but it sure seems that way! 

So I am putting this out there for more experienced the heck do we get this kid to sleep again?  It happens every other night as of this point.  Hopefully karma does not come back to bite me in the ass and he gets up on my nights too!  I am starting to really feel for D because his lack of sleeping now!

Oh how I miss the days of my baby sleeping like this...


  1. My nine month old started waking up in the middle of the night all of a sudden, and we ended up taking the tough road and let him cry it out. It actually worked in two nights and he hasn't been up in the middle of the night since then.

  2. Depending on the next few days we may be doing this by the weekend! I have been able to avoid it to this point because he has been sleeping 10 hours each night for awhile now...but not the past week! I am hoping it is a phase!