Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sleep update

Good morning everyone!  The past four nights we started Nate's sleep training and I am happy to say we went in the right direction!  The 2nd night he got up at 3:20 and took about 20 minutes to get himself back to sleep.  He then woke up at 5:20 and I figured it was ok for him to get up so Dave went to get his milk, and by the time he got to him Nate was already asleep again!  He then got up at 6:10!  I was super excited because he cut out the first waking at around midnight, and because of falling back asleep after 5 am!

The3rd night I was worried because I figured the walking will mess up his sleep.  But to my surprise when he started crying yesterday morning it was 4:30 am!  I was so happy!  I decided to not get up at all and see what would happen.  He ended up falling asleep again, but at about 4:50 he got up again because of a poo poo!   So I got up and changed him, he fell back asleep and then got up fully again at 5:30.  I was ok with this so I took him downstairs to watch Sesame Street.  To my surprise by 8:00 am he fell asleep in his pack and play until 10:15 am!

Finally this morning he woke up at 6 am with no sound before that!  I won't count my chickens yet because I know it can change so we will just keep it up!  I am happy I waited until this point to cry it out though because I think he is understanding that we are not leaving at night and he is ok!  Plus I can handle it better!!  So thank you for your help this far friends!  I hope this is the last sleep update for now and I can get to some more fun topics!

I am starting to think we are well on our way!