Wednesday, January 12, 2011

When I was your age we walked to school uphill both ways in a foot of SNOW!

Why is it that when there is a report of weather issues the schools automatically close on the Eastern Shore?  When I was in my school days it was a rare occasion to have a snow day.  Closing early was almost non-existent.  We used to get our bathroom passes and go to the lunch room to check to see if they were cooking because"if they start lunch then there was no way we were getting out early..."  It basically had to be a blizzard in PA to close the schools.

Living on the Eastern Shore is like another planet.  When I first moved here I lived with a teacher for one of the elementary schools.  Almost weekly she got a 5 am call saying there was a two hour fog delay.  What?!  WTF is a fog delay?!  Apparently fog is enough to close down the school transportation around these parts!

This leads me to yesterday.  The news reports a winter storm warning.  So what does this mean around here?  It means we close school two hours early.  So instead of the last buses coming through the neighborhoods at 4:30 pm, they came through at 2:30 pm.  Can you guess what the weather was doing at 4:30 pm yesterday???  If you answered nothing then you are correct!  There was no snow or even much rain until the over night hours...schools cancelled last night for today...before the storm even came through!

Thank goodness for my daycare that never closes...even in blizzards!  Because there was no chance I could stay home today because there was no damn snow...and barely any ice outside of our house!  I got to work and everything was practically melted because of the sun and 35 degree temperatures! 

It looked like this outside my office...

This town is unreal!

And then the teachers and students complain about going to school until the end of June and go back in August.  It is because you are closing school for "fog" and "snow" that are not there! 

I will leave this post before I start getting into the adults driving and swarming Wal-Mart for milk, bread, and eggs...because they make me even more angry than the schools!!


  1. I can relate to this right now :-) I have had the kids home for two days in a row -- the first day because of snow and today because of the wind chill. While I certainly don't want my kids to get frostbite at the school bus I can't help but think about when I was a kid -- we never got off school unless it was a blizzard -- and even then it might have been debatable :-)

    I'm a new follower and I've been enjoying my visit to your blog. I do hope you will visit me as well -- I'm trying to get mine restarted this year :-)


  2. LOL Great post. Here in this part of NY, this school hardly ever closes, even when it should. What i hate is they dont close and two hours later all parents are called to be told schools letting out. So parents need to get to the school get the kids and home for kids who ride the buses. I rather have them just close then open just long enough to get the funds from the state for the day.

  3. Thank you for following! I have become followers of both your blogs as well!