Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sippy cups...the road to big boy drinking

N has been slow with most things.  Besides being born early and quickly, he has been slow with everything else in life.  I won't say he is developmentally delayed...he just doesn't move with the average flow of most kids his age.  I am ok with this because he does catch up eventually to the point where most don't notice his delay.

He was slow to stop swaddling, rolling over, sitting up, crawling, standing and cruising, and is still working on walking.  But by far the slowest thing he has gotten the hang of is the sippy cup.  I was convinced this kid was going to carry a bottle to kindergarten!

If you open our kitchen cabinet and look to the top shelf you will see the graveyard of sippy cups.  12 total cups that we have tried and failed at using.  N has been able to hold his own bottle since 8 months...it was the one thing he did quickly...besides being born.  So I was convinced this meant he would take to the cup easily.  Boy was I wrong! 

If the cup did not have a Dr. Brown's nipple on it he would chuck it across the room.  Not only that, he would throw a screaming fit until the bottle was in his mouth and he could calm down!  This started around 8 months.  Every month after that I would get a new cup and keep trying.  Each time that cup lasted 15 seconds.

Finally at his one year appointment I got the "talk" from the pedi.  He said to get him off the bottle.  I said ok and we started trying again.  I ended up getting him the Nuby cup that starts with the nipple then changes to the sippy top.  In the end I had to cave to N and put a Dr. Brown's nipple in it to get him to use the thing.  I realized by doing this I am just copping out and being lazy. 

At Christmas I realized it was now or never to get him to switch.  His 15 month appointment was coming up and I needed to have him off that bottle for fear of getting yelled at!  So I went through my niece's collection of cups at my mom's house.  After going through a pile of them being thrown across the room in a fit I finally came to one cup.  It was the NUK EZ Cup.  I filled it up and as he laid there crying on my mom's shoulder I pushed it in his mouth and he miraculously stopped crying and started drinking!  And not just chew on the sippy and some milk comes out by accident drinking...actual sucking on the sippy drinking!  It was a miracle! 

I stole that cup and the next day picked up another at Wal-Mart, put away all of the other cups and bottles, and told D to only give him those cups.  From there I decided I wanted to branch out to a few other cups.  NUK also has a couple other cups with the same sippy top so I got the 12+ month cup that was bigger without handles.  And luckily he took to that easily as well!

So this is my review of the NUK EZ cups...I recommend them for the kids that are having issues transitioning.  In a month or so I will pull out the older cups with the hard spouts and see if I can transition to those.  Hopefully it will work now that he is on these cups.  But I noticed that N tends to get attached to his drinking objects once he is used to them!  So we will have to wait and see!

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