Friday, January 21, 2011

I am on strike...

At least for this evening.  Do you ever have a day where you want to be a stubborn jerk and not do anything?  Tonight is that night for me.  Let me give you a back story.

Dave is a great husband.  He is loving, a great father, a great cleaner, and works hard.  But he likes to play stupid.  Since birth I basically say when and what Nathan gets to eat, when he gets ready and goes to bed, when he gets his bath, brush his teeth, brush his hair, pick out his clothes/pajamas, give him his bed time milk, pick up/drop off to daycare etc.  Dave is very capable of all these tasks but when I ask him to take one he says I do it better.  I am calling bullsh*t! 

Recently it has bugged the heck out of me.  We both work full days, and when I get home after picking up Nate I make dinner and while it is cooking I feed him.  Then after that I get him dressed for bed, give him milk, brush his teeth, and put him to bed.  Then after that I do school work then go to bed.  It is exhausting.

This brings us to today.  It was a rather long day at work where my maintenance man threatened to quit and I had to do damage control.  I have a sinus infection and have been miserable all week as well.  I get Nate and when we get home I ask if we can just go to dinner because I don't feel like cooking.  We can feed Nate out and then enjoy the evening.  Dave says no.  I ask again, he says no why don't you eat a salad.  I say I had a salad for lunch and have cooked all week I want to enjoy the evening.  He then goes on to pull a salad out of the fridge and makes himself one!

So I go make myself a microwave dinner and say to him "you can feed Nate tonight, and try to think of something more creative than dry cheerios."  I eat my dinner alone wash my dish and sit down.  He takes Nate to the kitchen and wouldn't you know it he comes out and asks what he should give him!  I tell him he can figure it out himself!

I am pretty sure Nathan is eating cheerios right now!  Plus some yogurt.  So I can say that was pretty much a fail.  But I don't care, tonight I am on strike.  The boys can handle themselves because momma needs a timeout! 


Update on McFatty Monday-I weighed myself this morning to see how my eating is going and I am down 3.4 lbs!!  Man I must have a lot of water weight!  I home everyone else is having luck!!


  1. Good for you! I've definitely had moments like that, too. Hopefully you'll get a little more down time this weekend.

  2. And wouldn't you know daddy got him ready for bed, put him down, and he slept until 7 am! Maybe I need to go on strike every night!