Monday, January 24, 2011

McFatty Monday-Week 2

Well that worked!  

Today I woke up and weighed myself and you know what the scale told me? 197 lbs!  I am beyond thrilled!  That is a 3.8 lbs loss!  So I consider this a strong start to my McFatty Monday weightloss challenge.  I know not all weeks will be this great, but it is a great start to the plan.

I was convinced this morning I would wake up to a smaller loss because I had a turkey melt and french fries for lunch yesterday, but the rest of the day I was a good girl!

Some goals for this week:
  1. Keep increasing water intake.  I have been drinking about 40 oz per day, so I want to have more than that.
  2. Start working out.  I had a sinus infection last week, and still a little bit now, so I didn't work out because breathing was a chore itself!  So I want to get my 3 days in this week.
  3. Keep eating the same way I was last week.
  4. Come up with some more healthy dinner ideas.
  5. Lose at least 1 lb.
The great thing about all of this is that Dave is trying to lose too so he is eating well with me.  It makes life a lot easier!

So how did everyone else do?  Post your link in the comments and share with the group!


  1. wow thats amazing! I think its great your hubby is on board I swear it makes weight loss that much easier

  2. Wow! Congrats on a great first week! I'm down 1.3 lbs. myself. :)

  3. Thank you ladies! And congratulations to you too Holly Ann that is great!