Sunday, March 20, 2011

A fresh start

I am ready for this.  These past two weeks have been hell ending my last job.  I am happy to say I never have to go back to that place.  Some of the residents were so terrible it made me look at society in a whole new way.  At the end certain people were so horrible to me I couldn't run out of there any quicker.  I think it would have been better had there been another person working in the office with me, but that was not able to happen. 

I am very excited to go back to the old job.  It is a fresh start, in a new position, with a staff to work with!  I will go into it with a new attitude that I did not have two years ago because I am a different person.  I have a house and family now, so I have different worries.  I am school, losing weight, and training for my 5k and beyond!  So this time I can separate myself from the craziness!  I can handle this craziness, unlike the other place!

I am ready to move on...and tomorrow it begins!

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