Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My child is a bully

I realized this today when dropping him off at daycare.  He is now the oldest one in his baby/toddler room and is the next to be pushed up when space is needed.  I almost wish that they would just push him up with the older kids.  I say this because him being in the semi-baby room has turned him into a bully! 

Today I dropped him off and sat in the room watching him play for about 15 minutes before I went to work.  In that time he pushed over one boy 3 times, and another smaller boy one time.  Each time with a big smile on his face.  Now I know he is doing this because he doesn't know any better, but I feel that if he was with the older kids he would meet his match!  He is now so much bigger then the other kids that he looks like a 12 year old pushing around some 7 year olds!

I think it is about time I start pushing to get him up with the other toddlers.  I know they were hanging on to him because of his walking skills (or lack there of), but now he is motoring around walking more than crawling, so it is time to push the move!  These poor babies can't defend themselves against godzilla when he is coming over to them!  They are just learning to stand and my kid comes to push them down!  All the moms are going to hate me...


  1. I hope he gets to move up to the room with the older kids soon. You are such a good momma for being on top of it!

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  2. Thank you! I saw that giveaway and meant to enter! I love me some Subway!